day 3

It is getting better and better.  Last night she slept until 4…cried for about 15-20 minutes and then went back to sleep until 7.  She woke up happy (aka: not crying).  She did really well with her naps today and even though she was out late partying (Happy Birthday Jenny!), she laid in her crib […]

night one

It had to be done.  Lydia’s sleep had progressively gotten worse in the last two weeks.  Saturday night she woke up every two hours making for a very tired mamma on mother’s day.  So tonight, Adam and I decided to go ahead and start the ferberizing method to get her to fall asleep on her […]

may 2 2011

It is rather difficult to get the correct aim, focus, and timing with a self-portrait. Try again. A little better.  Her eyes are a little out of focus…but isn’t she cute peering out of the baby bjorn? And how many photos am I going to take of this boy in the “red car”. I’m sure […]

Happy Easter

I know this is a really awkward photo…but alden…he was so sweet.  He really wanted to hold Lydia this morning.  I just couldn’t really figure out how to get her comfortably in his arms.  I snapped this one quickly (plus a couple even more awkward photos…) but he is really starting to enjoy and look […]