make-up day

I have lots of photographs to make up…I think all of these were taken on Thursday. First, interior photographs with soft black and white conversion. I was inspired by another blog/photograph to get the two kids together but I am so worried about how alden will react, the photos did not quite turn out how […]


Alden has kicked up his temper tantrums!  The last couple days have been rough with our little jekyll & hyde.  Typically around meals, he is excited for food and then you get him in his chair and it is meltdown city.  And I am not talking about 2-3 minutes of cyring…but 10-20 minutes of screaming, […]

12 minutes

A video for when you have twelve minutes to spare…or want to put it on in the background.  I have music throughout…unless youtube removed some of it! The video has a couple of moments from our week.  Some monster trucks, a kiss, and funny ears!  I tried to turn the music down during some of […]

Sorry…I have been very busy this week with work and kids…but here are a couple of pictures from this morning to get you through the week!  Hopefully I will have some better photographs on Friday! I realize this is a weird angle of Lydia…just trying to show how she is starting to fill out the […]


Let’s try this again.  This morning instead of getting work done and squeezing in photographs; I took photographs and squeezed in work.  Her eyes were a little crazy in the last post, so I thought I needed a re-do.  Here is Lydia today:


I tried to get a photograph of Lydia awake this morning but as with all attempts she is either eating, on the verge of spitting up, having her diaper changed, or trying to fall back asleep. Here is one attempt, but it was very hard to get. And if you don’t believe me, look at […]