some recent videos

I have been taking videos…just have a hard time downloading them on the computer and uploading them to you tube.  But finally…here are some recent videos for your entertainment! Alden when he was sick: Alden as mommy’s big helper: Lydia singing:   I have another cute one from today but have to charge up the […]

i couldn’t decide

so you are stuck with way too many photos. teeth!   woops…fell down   For some reason, Alden wanted to take the watering can to the park.   Back to Lydia.  Mommy is getting daring by taking photos outside of you sitting up. Even though I took Lydia’s hat off to get some hair photos…Alden […]


I tried to get a photo of lyd’s new teeth…but it is so hard to get her to smile just the right way while still be far enough back to get it in focus. Here were the two best attempts. And you know I can’t stop there.  Here are some of my other favorites from […]

two kids.

so let’s start with this one. Even with (or maybe it is because of) a runny nose, she has been sleeping really well at night.  We can now make it from 7:30pm until about 4:30am which has been very nice.  It is not without flaws…and alden woke us up one night this week…but I am […]


A couple of updates.  We switched kids’ beds.  Lydia is now sleeping in Alden’s room. Alden is now sleeping in our room.  We were hoping this would help with our modified version of sleep training for lydia.  But then alden got sick and the night lydia went from 7:30pm until 4:45am (fully asleep), alden woke […]