before and after

Before work: After work: And apparently he was happy in between! This is posted to my flickr page…but couldn’t pass up this adorable image.  I didn’t have a bad day…but if I did, how could this not make my day! How wonderful is he!?!

new jammies

Here is the snack du jour: Freeze-dried bananas and strawberries;  they are the perfect size for him.  And they surprising taste just like bananas and strawberries when you put them in your mouth – even the texture! Alden knows how to get his food all over his face! GG bought some new jammies for Alden […]


I need to iron my background!  And get a new one. This is an old photo from Christmas; I was working on popping out his eyes; Before: After: It still needs some work.  His skin tone needs to be less yellow…but I am tired and ready to relax in bed!

some adjustments

I am attempting new functions with my camera.  As a result, today’s photograph is a little blurry. And, I didn’t really like the color of the photograph posted from yesterday.  I adjusted some of the settings to see if it appears differently here. Still looks a little washed out…Keep trying!!!  I also wanted to try […]