answers…and winners?

In all honesty, it was too hard to determine a winner…maybe I am so thankful for all the love Alden has in his life, I didn’t really examine the submissions that closely.   He is really special but also very lucky to have such a wonderful family.  …still going to send out prizes! And sorry […]

alden overload

Does anyone have Alden overload yet?  I hope not, because tomorrow is his birthday! In case anyone wants a sneak peak of the photo slide show for tomorrow… this video has about 60 of my 700 photos. (Thanks to Margaret for the song request.  This version is from the ‘O Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack.)


It seems Alden can not wait for his party to begin.  All day he wanted balloons.  When Lynn got home from work, he took Alden to Kroger just to get a balloon.  And he couldn’t be happier.  Man, he is going to love Thursday! Are you ready to party? (Really wish I got his eyes […]


So what’s a game without a prize.  Because Alden loves you all so much!!! The winner of his birthday game will win a $25 gift card to either target, gap, or barnes & noble.  Your choice!  He realizes it is not that much but he is trying to save up for college!!! Enjoy!!!

game time

Who is ready for a challenge!?! Instead of planning / playing a game at Alden’s birthday party, I thought I would host a little online/blog game.   Emily – you won his picture contest last year, right?  Pressure’s on!  First one to get all of them right or whoever has the most correct answers (first) […]

taking requests

What happens when you practice taking better photographs of really adorable children?  Hundreds and hundreds of photos. I don’t have time this year to pull together a collection of his videos (hopefully I can get to that this summer).  Instead, I am gathering photographs from the past year of Alden to put on a DVD […]