I actually went into work for three hours this afternoon.  I start back to work (part time) next week.  So, I have a quick post.  More pictures but I am just selecting one.  Alden was trying to play with Lydia tonight.  Even was tickling her…but on her forehead?  He needs to learn to go for […]

good intentions

bad results! I had a cute idea for a valentine’s photo for the two greatest grandmothers…but I had very uncooperative subjects today. So instead…you both get to see your grandchildren in various stages of crying (including some flared nostrils by Lydia)! (yes…i know her foot is random…but i didn’t really have much else to work […]


day 09 : passions and hobbies This one is for emily because i know how much she loves my still life photographs Just kidding! For some reason, I was into photographing Lydia’s feet tonight. It was hard to keep Lydia awake this afternoon… Alden was in to dumping out toys…and socks… But he was tired […]