I haven’t posted in a while.  This week should be closer to normal.  Here are two pictures from the last couple of days: Even though he has reached the 11 month mark…these were taken during the 10th month.  Can’t believe we are on the countdown to the one year birthday!! Advertisements

more eating

These days it is harder to get a photograph of Alden not eating. Here we are at a restaurant on Sunday.  (I had to keep something in his mouth for him to not get fussy.) And here is Alden enjoying our (Adam and I) dinner from the night before.  He loved it – I think […]

President’s Day

Inspired by Van’s email…Here are a couple of photos from our day. Alden watching Adam getting ready to go to work. Adam leaving for work. Off he goes… Bye Bye Daddy. Alden and his big boy food.  (sorry it is blurry) Stacey made cookies for her very nice neighbor who scraped our front sidewalk. (another […]


Here is Alden’s new Valentine’s toy from GG! (the dump truck, from christmas…) And let Alden hold the bead maze to see if he would like it.  It is for kids 2+ years – but he refused to let it go.  He cried every time I tried.  So I bought it for him!  Even though […]