a few words

Well…a lot of words.  It is funny to think during Alden’s 18month checkup, I was worried about him talking.  I thought he was a little behind.  But now, he says so many things.  He repeats at least one word from almost all of my sentences.  And he is starting to group them together into sentences […]

project 52

I have joined a flickr group (to help keep me motivated) where we post a photograph every week for 2011.   Even though I would like to and try to take a photograph every day, I figured that would be too overwhelming…so I am sticking to the once a week post.  Good thing…because I haven’t […]

on his own

As you have seen, Alden has long been fascinated with shoes…especially mommy’s shoes.  And they are pretty easy to put on.  Tonight he found his own shoes and put them on himself.  And of course, he would get the feet mixed up!  This is a classic thing for kids to do, right!  I can’t wait […]


Please ignore my voice in the background…And as I was going to put Alden to bed…I walked in his room and noticed that he got up and rocked on his rocking horse all by himself.  He was having so much fun – I decided to grab the video camera!


He is not happy about trying to walk in this video – but it was what we could capture on tape.  I think sometimes he gets frustrated that we keep trying to get him to walk.  And it is just a couple of steps…but soon he will be all over the place.  It really is […]