May is my photography catch-up month.  I hope to edit some of the series of photographs I have been taking.  Here is a photo from each of my “mini-sessions” this week.  Look for more when I can get to edit/organize them! This last one was the worst of the best.  Meaning, there were several that […]

baby giraffe

Sorry…I have a deadline this week plus one next week…but then I am finished with school work for the semester!  (I have been taking photographs though, so look for a catch-up post!) Alden and I were having a conversation over Raisin Bran this morning about the new baby giraffe that was born at the zoo.  […]

off the blanket

I took Lydia off the blanket again!  I know…these are a little weird.  But it is very hard to take different photographs of her at this age.  Alden and I went out in the yard for some gardening work.  Lydia was very happy in the pack and play.  At least until it was time for […]

happy day

I had a great day.  First of all, the weather was beautiful!  Second of all, both kids slept for 2+ hours…at the same time.  That was so very nice quiet time. So bring on the flowers. Even the grass is making me happy! I got Alden showing off his teeth with my “Say Cheese”… And, […]

Alden found a new hat…our clothes hamper. Another smile from Lydia. A little scratch below her right eye. Alden’s new trick tonight was to ring the bike bell, and then cover his ears, saying ‘ow’. over and over again…

go uk!

I am going for quantity over quality!  Alden is wearing his UK shirt and Lydia is sporting some Jorts to cheer on Josh.  Regardless of the team and the clothing…I think I have a couple of good shots. Alden loves his police hat! (I think this is an early birthday present from his Aunt Gran!) […]