go uk!

I am going for quantity over quality!  Alden is wearing his UK shirt and Lydia is sporting some Jorts to cheer on Josh.  Regardless of the team and the clothing…I think I have a couple of good shots. Alden loves his police hat! (I think this is an early birthday present from his Aunt Gran!) […]

video day!

Are  you excited??? Let’s get started with a calm video of the kids sleeping.  Could Alden be hugging any more animals? Alden sharing: Alden playing: Lydia playing: Alden getting frustrated with his wheels: You will notice at the beginning, his wheels are perfectly lined up to go forward but he doesn’t quite realize that and […]

temper tantrum

I have so many things from this week to upload…but let me start with today. First, I dropped off Alden at his daycare program.  I don’t think he liked that everyone wanted to see his little sister…but he soon found a car and fire truck! For the past two nights, Lydia has screamed on the […]


My boy is growing up.  We are beginning to start a process where we potentially think about potty training. Small steps.  This afternoon he wore pull ups and I put on his Thomas the Train big boy underwear.  Here he is checking them out. And a quick video of him trying to put on his […]

make-up day

I have lots of photographs to make up…I think all of these were taken on Thursday. First, interior photographs with soft black and white conversion. I was inspired by another blog/photograph to get the two kids together but I am so worried about how alden will react, the photos did not quite turn out how […]


Alden has kicked up his temper tantrums!  The last couple days have been rough with our little jekyll & hyde.  Typically around meals, he is excited for food and then you get him in his chair and it is meltdown city.  And I am not talking about 2-3 minutes of cyring…but 10-20 minutes of screaming, […]

12 minutes

A video for when you have twelve minutes to spare…or want to put it on in the background.  I have music throughout…unless youtube removed some of it! The video has a couple of moments from our week.  Some monster trucks, a kiss, and funny ears!  I tried to turn the music down during some of […]