word update

After all of the delicious pies Alden had for Thanksgiving: peanut butter, derby, apple, pumpkin…He learned a new word! Also, his big word of the week is “heavy” which sounds more like “heaby”. And I don’t think “out back” made the last list, but he loves saying it.  This morning I think he actually said […]


Every year I forget how dark it is once we have the time change.  The only chance I get for daytime, outdoor photographs is early in the morning (when we are rushed to get out the door) or weekends.  I did take a couple today, but probably won’t review them until later on tonight. But […]

po po

There is something so incredibly adorable that Margaret has taught Alden…that will be my next video…But Margaret has taught Alden to say “po po” when he sees a police car.  In fact, he says “po po” for most cars!  He loves when he sees a real po po. I thought I should assemble a list […]