Today, we broke out the (baby) pool and had a whole lot of fun.  I tried to capture Lydia’s complete joy.  They actually both had fun.  Alden was a little timid at first…thought it was just for Lydia, but when he saw her having fun, it was his turn to! Here they are!!! Advertisements


I am working really hard on my composition this week.  I needed to really pop out some of my practice photographs today because the light was making things kind of dull.  I only got to edit one image…we’ll see how it looks here.

a lesson on stop action

It is a dreary day, and I am not feeling the camera today.  So I thought I would use this opportunity to share my recent experience with stopping action in manual.  (sorry, this may be a little boring…) I think posted this image before: Here were my settings: ISO 200 f 1.4 ss 1/1600 My […]

honk honk

I am too excited and have to post this.  He may not be quite there with his verbal skills but I think his comprehension is pretty good.  Either way, I think this is soooo adorable and funny!  He makes me smile!  (…sorry for the jumpy edits!)

more light practice

Here are some more catchlights I was able to achieve.  This is actually pretty difficult because I have to be ready to snap whenever I see little glimmers in his eye! My skin tone and exposure are getting a little better – can you tell a difference! And we also had to submit some creative […]


So my next assignment is to find the light!  We have to get catch lights in the eyes!  He has to be positioned just perfectly to get a glimmer of light in the eyes.  I did my first test of it last night and here are some of the images! And no catchlights…but here is […]