my baby’s sick!

Alden slept horribly last night.  I thought he was just being stubborn because his sleeping habits have steadily gotten worse since Chicago…but by 3:30, I could tell something was wrong.  Today, I took his temperature, rectally, for the first time and it was 100.2.  The nurse said it was a very close to normal temperature, […]


This morning I cut up some banana and put it in Alden’s mesh bag for him to eat (can only get pieces that fit through the fine mesh).  We did Cheerios last night.  He really enjoyed it!  He made quite a mess, which is not evident with this picture.  I had an idea to take […]

sunday night dinner

Alden tried the first of my new homemade dishes – winter squash, potato and apple soup with the baby stock and a little cinnamon.  He liked it!  But…he hasn’t turned anything away yet. Look at him in his jeans.  I think he is old enough now that he doesn’t look silly.  The jeans are 12 […]