Alden’s Soccer Game – Part 2

I’m sure she is a very nice coach, but why does the other teams’ coach have to stand right in my way as my son tries to score his first (shared) goal!

I like how Alden and this girl on his team are both pushing each other to try to score the goal. I don’t think the realized they were on the same team. And she’s the better player … coach’s daughter. But it was nice Alden was right there with her and kind of getting it…the whole scoring a goal thing…

DSC_4475 DSC_4476


Alden’s First Soccer Game – Part 1

Here are a couple of fun photos from Alden’s first soccer game.

Overall, I think he was a little confused about what to exactly do when there were more than one person / one activity. Up to now, he’s been used to the “Alden, your turn.” Now he has to figure out what to do when it’s everyone’s turn.

But he had fun!

DSC_4348 DSC_4349 DSC_4350 DSC_4357 DSC_4361 DSC_4380 DSC_4395 DSC_4404 DSC_4451 DSC_4464 DSC_4471