at the gym

Margaret has been taking alden to gymboree for playtime.  This was his second week and he is starting to get the hang of it.  She sent these adorable pictures:

I know Margaret and I are biased…but we think Alden is the cutest baby in the class!!! Don’t you agree???


5 thoughts on “at the gym

  1. Of course he’s the cutest but I feel so bad for him —he looks like “Why aren’t they playing with me?” Especially the one with his finger in his mouth. I know he will learn and it’s all new to him. I don’t want him to feel bad. The little girl is cute but the boys are nothing!!!

  2. yeah…that fat baby in the white shirt is really pretty ugly (wait…is that a curse to call a baby ugly?). Alden definitely looks cuter than them. I bet it is weird for Margaret watching him play but not playing with him. I’m so glad she is doing that for him. I bet it will be really good socialization skills for him. He seemed happy. So weird that he is growing up so quickly.

  3. I bet it is fun for him to have so many fun things to play with. I’ll have to see if there is anything in Cinci where we can all take him and play with him. I know they have Run,skip and Jump. I can just see Van playing at a playground with him!!!

    • I know! That is why I was looking into the “indoor gym” for when you were here…but apparently that is more for older kids. They have this ramp at the gymboree and he started to walk down it – and the instructor got nervous – but then she saw that he could already move down the ramp no problem! Maybe you can see if there is a gymboree gym around kenwood or mason or close to lebanon. maybe they have an open gym time we can go to on friday? Otherwise, by that point (in June) I am sure he would love the playground at harmon park!

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